Farmer's Bake Place Holiday Trading 2023/2024
East: will close from 9am, 23 December 2023 and reopen from 5.30am, 2 January 2024.
West: will close from 2.30pm, 22 December 2024 and reopen from 5.30am, 29 January 2024.
All Wholesale orders and deliveries will resume from 2 January 2024.


The wholesale range from Farmers Bake Place has been created by a skilled team of artisan bakers. Every loaf, pastry and sweet is hand made and crafted with care.

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Our breads are baked using the age old methods of sourdough bread production with the added benefit of long fermentation to enhance the flavour profile of each loaf. Our stone floor oven ensures each loaf is baked with a golden caramelised crust and every loaf is baked with a clean label – no additives or preservatives, ever.

Our breads hit the ovens from 5am onwards and we can say with absolute confidence that you will go far and wide to find bread to match it in freshness and flavour.

From delicate pastries to seasonal rich treats, our sweets menu is where our pastry team truly express their creative nature. Here, the simple things are done exceptionally well and indulging in our unique creations is a constantly evolving pleasure.

We look forward to working with you in providing your customers with a unique experience.

Farmer's Bakehouse Wholesale