About Farmer’s Bake Place

The Farmer’s Bake Place is an artisan bakery specialising in hand-crafted bread, cakes, pastries, and our famous pies. Originally established in 2009 our team bakes many styles of artisan bread which are all 100% free of artificial preservatives and additives. We work with, and source our ingredients from local and sustainable businesses to ensure our bread and pastries are fresh, healthy, and delicious.

All of our bakers have their own story, style, and signature, and there is nothing more personal than baking. We encourage our bakers to always add their own personal touch to our recipes bringing our ingredients to life.

Our goal and values are to continue the original baking traditions and techniques, honouring the extraordinary ART of baking. Our combinations of tastes, textures, and flavours are ever-evolving with new and exciting products that help create an exceptional experience for our customers.

Our selection of savoury treats and sweets are made from natural raw ingredients, and we are inspired to always use these ingredients from our local farmers. We are influenced by the wonderful, and hard-working farmers of the Central West always using their high-quality and fresh products while providing value to the local community and making sure we are always supporting our farmers.

Today, the Farmers Bake Place is like a family. We are ever-changing, and ever-growing but always staying true to our roots and traditions. The Farmer’s Bake Place is a bakery where families and friends come together to create memories around the table sharing great food and coffee.

Our unique and delightful range of products today includes artisan bread and pastries, speciality coffee and drinks, pies, salads, wraps, special bespoke cakes, and sweets. Welcome to the Farmer's Bake Place.

Farmer's Bakehouse Artisan Bread